The dated writing expertise are extremely complicated since the introduce you to definitely is very simple


The dated writing expertise are extremely complicated since the introduce you to definitely is very simple

The dated writing expertise are extremely complicated since the introduce you to definitely is very simple

The text in use now by the Pleiadians/Plejarans leads back again to olden days and you can Semjase told Billy the following regarding emails: This new characters that they use today are only 11 100000 decades old and they used him or her during the time from their ancestors just who resided on earth. It actually was setup during the time by a number of of their boffins on the planet just who made use of constellations, apparent regarding Planet, due to the fact layouts. When, this means that, the writing contains short circles and you can outlines, then such circles show famous people as well as the quick lines simple connections.

It connected specific constellations and thus acquired specific versions

This composing is actually shed in the world immediately after it had been passed on so you’re able to literate Earth anybody from the its ancestors and used in a beneficial few many years, by which after that it however underwent multiple transform.Now, not all the website owned by someone on earth (such as the old Hebrews) have altered and you may unrecognizable generated characters and this trace back once again to its creating.

Therefore Billy managed to reproduce it

So it cause because of the Semjase occurred in the 31 st get in touch with for the 17 th from July 1975 on what occasion Billy asked the woman to draw it, something she voluntarily did.

Since the forever this new Pleiadians/Plejarans have been using the fresh decimal system having amounts 0 to help you nine, as well as in use now every-where in the world. The new Pleiadian-Plejaran number is actually in different ways designed compared to those used now of the bulk in the world, and you will hence originally emerged out of Indian numerals. The numerals widely used today correspond to the ten Arabic numerals of your decimal program, by which it was the newest Arabs just who adopted the brand new numerals in the Indians, whereupon the fresh numerals after that originated in the new Western Arab Gobar numerals, or soil numerals, about 10th millennium during the Catalonia and you can was brought of the monk Gerbert (afterwards pope Silvester II.) on computation brick inside the occident, or Western business, which during the time new numerals remained used without the newest zero.

This type of Western Arab numerals is nearer to brand new Indian method of than the current East-Arabian numerals which happen to be however active. The numerals or digits of your own Pleiadian/Plejaran quantitative program are offered the following:

All of our numerals, or amount and you can decimal program, fundamentally leads returning to Pleiadian/Plejaran source, whilst try the new Pleiadians/Plejarans which at early minutes, of the technique of reaction-telepathic import, coached mathematic talented members of Asia in connection with this, whereupon later on new Arabs benefitted using this, because this after that took over the amount system and you may quantitative system. This new Indians by themselves authored their particular numerical symbols; thus the fresh Pleiadians/Plejaran number did not are in feeling.

There are no residential property auto used of the Pleiadians/Plejarans to your Erra, only aerial auto are present while in the faceflow, being of various models as well as some other intentions. Discover for this reason zero avenue, because the mentioned previously on the area home-based property. Between the homes while the getting urban centers to possess aerial auto, plus the fresh countryside, there are just pathways being only employed by pedestrians so you can safety shorter or lengthened distances or choosing enough time strolls.

These types of pathways are not just used by individuals, also androids, and therefore of the lay persons is identical off humans. Through the countryside prospects enough time trails by which neither this new fauna nor the new wildlife are affected. For all person and you can merchandise transport, in the the main world, serve solely merely aerial auto otherwise hovering traveling things, having various more motives, but hence simply have two various other variations in their additional structure, ergo there are round aerial car otherwise discus designed things, which the fresh discus aerial auto is like the smaller area crafts, which happen to be obtainable in all sizes to own space travelling.

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